Osteria del Corso is a family run restaurant.nonna-osteria-corso-milano

All the Di Vivo family, native from Cilento in the south of Salerno, and in Milan since 1968, with the Osteria del Corso they have been able to sum up the old and the new of the city, in an unusual mixture.

Mom Grazia (in the picture) with her 5 sons, the famous “zio”, the in-laws, grandchildren, in brief, all the great family is employed between kitchen and tables: exquisite buffalo mozzarella; stuffed aubergines (a typical plate from Cilento); “paccheri” with sauce and buffalo mozzarella, tagliatelle with meat sauce; pasta with chickpeas; the scallops with lemon and puree; and then excellent meatballs, chops, rump roast, eggplant parmigiana, roast potatoes, and many vegetables…

In brief: a home kitchen, served on tables without presumption but also without slovenliness.